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I have set my rainbow in the clouds

and it will be the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.

Genesis 9:13

Who We Are

Our mission is to be an expression of God's love by bringing His hope

to the hopeless. Partnering together, we are building orphanages, caring for orphans, and children living in extreme poverty.

Rainbow's End Ministries


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Matthew 6:21

Welcome to Hands of Love International the dba of Rainbow's End Ministries, founded in Arizona by Brenda Williams. The ministry team is comprised of volunteers committed to loving and caring for the orphans and children that live in extreme poverty. Giving Hope. Changing Lives. Transforming Communities.


Rainbow's End Ministries was formed in 2011 as a non-profit, after receiving a mandate from God to build orphanages, one at a time, wherever He leads. Six months later, at a charity golf fundraiser, Brenda and husband Brett Williams met Pastor Jaime Rodriguez and wife Mindy (who live in Honduras). Brenda shared her vision to build orphanages and Mindy shared her heart's desire to have an orphanage. It was a divine encounter and the start to an amazing relationship!

In February 2017, on a mission trip to Honduras, Brenda saw firsthand the immediate need to feed starving children. She asked Pastor Mindy, "while we fundraise for the orphanage land what can I do now to help feed these starving children?" Mindy shared with her a story of two sisters (3 & 5). Mindy said she had been feeding the girls in private because, even though they live at home, the father couldn't provide enough food, they were anemic, and she was afraid they would die! In tears, Brenda was so moved that she gave Mindy $100 dollars to buy them food and committed to send money every month thereafter. That wasn't enough though, her heart hurt for all the hungry children in the barrio, so she told Mindy "I needed to do more!" Together they created the Sponsor A Child Program. This program restores their hope, provides food 5 days a week, medical needs, clothing, schooling and best of all we get to teach them gospel "We get to be boots on the ground and share the love of Jesus, there is no greater reward!", says Brenda.

In 2019 Sun Valley Masonry partners with us and sponsors a whole group in El Negrito, Honduras! They are exceptional corporate sponsors and set the bar high!


In 2021 we reached our $100,000 Orphanage Property Fundraising milestone, thanks to Sun Valley Masonry and all their sponsors for their Global Charitable Contributions! In March of 2021 we purchased five acres in El Progreso, Honduras to build our first orphanage on!

Artistic Printing & Specialty Advertising (incorporated in 2003) is owned by Brenda Williams with the sole intent purpose of donating a percentage of its profits into Hands of Love International. Brenda states, "Artistic Printing & Specialty Advertising is a trusted business partner in the marketplace, and I encourage other corporations to follow my lead on fulfilling their global outreach obligation by supporting this ministry".

Hands of Love International is a house of prayer. If you are in need of healing, please reach out to Brenda. At Hands of Love International we lean heavily on the power of prayer. Brenda is an ordained minister and her team loves praying for the children, staff, pastors, and communities they serve. 

Thank you for your consideration to partnership with our organization. Please keep us and all our children in your prayers! May God bless you abundantly! 

Genesis, Brenda & Eliani.JPG

Pastor Brenda Williams, Founder 

Rainbow's End Ministries -

dba Hands of Love International -

Artistic Printing & Specialty Advertising -


Brenda Williams - Founder & President since 2011

David Beer - Vice President, member since 2019

David Beer - Treasurer, member since 2019

Debbie Parkins - Secretary, member since 2019



Pastors Jaime, Mindy & Brenda


Brenda Williams, Jacki Howerin, Debbie Parkins,

Alma Perez



Jacki Howerin - Member since 2019

Wendy Sanuik - Member since 2021

Danielle Clay - Member since 2022


Brett Williams


David Beer, Brenda Williams


Ana Lay, Debbie Parkins, Wendy Sanuik



and wife Jamie visiting their group in El Negrito, Honduras

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