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The sponsorship program allows for the children to receive your personal loving touch through funding, encouraging words and prayer. When you decide to sponsor a child or group through Hands of Love International open up the world of opportunity for a child at such a personal intimate level. To them you are so much more than money, you become their family and their hope for a brighter tomorrow. We encourage you to write letters to the child and send pictures, so they feel connected. Simply by knowing that there is someone who really cares about them is life changing for everyone!


Your $38 dollar monthly donation will go towards all of the costs associated with caring for the child; food, clothing, medicine, vitamins, spiritual and core educational needs. However, the biggest impact will be the relationship you can develop with your child.


As a sponsor you will receive:

  • Updates on your child

  • Opportunities to send and receive personal letters that will be translated by our sponsorship coordinator

  • Opportunities to go on mission trips to visit your child (travel expenses not covered by Hands of Love International)


Questions?  Contact Brenda Williams at

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2023 UPDATE: Hands of Love hosted a Groundbreaking Event in Honduras at the orphanage property in January and we dedicated the first children's home to Sun Valley Masonry, calling it "The Sun Valley House". Our next trip is January 12-16, 2024 ($1,500 pp), includes airfare from Phoenix, lodging and food in Honduras. Call (602) 762-2245 or email Brenda for more information at


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Brett Williams working on the community center

at Tabernaculo de Dios in El Progreso, Yoro.

At Hands of Love International we treasure the lost, helpless children in this world and your trust to fund into our ministry to help care for them is taken very seriously...WE APPRECIATE YOU!



Servitude comes in many forms and we are honored to be an avenue for you to share your caring heart. There are many opportunities in this organization to use what God has called you to do. Come along side us and work with us hand in hand as we experience doing life together and having fun along the way, locally and internationally!



Brenda Williams helping a child with dental care.



Hands of Love Group 1 Classroom

Michelle, Cheryl, Brenda, Junior, Time & Ana

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